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Tulbagh is the smallest wine region in South Africa ​and is also well known for its scenery and fertile ​basin. It is here where the boutique wine farm, ​Lemberg Wine Estate, is nestled – surrounded by ​the views of the Witzenberg en Winterhoek ​Mountains – 120km northeast of Cape Town and ​5km south of the historic Tulbagh town.

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Lemberg Wine Estate, a family-owned winery spanning 21 hectares, dedicates 9 hectares to the cultivation of both red and white grape varieties. The vineyard, equipped with trellises and irrigation, requires skilled hands to meticulously care for each vine. The estate’s emphasis is on crafting wines by hand, managing different growth phases manually, from nurturing the vines to handpicking the grapes during harvest. The small workforce at Lemberg Wine Estate, diligently using their hands, constitutes the core of Lemberg’s success.

The grape cultivars at Lemberg Wine Estate are chosen to suit the unique soil and climate of the Tulbagh Valley. Red varieties, including the distinctive South African Pinotage and the Syrah, showcase impressive fruity flavors, minerality, and spice. Grenache Noir and Pinot Noir contribute to renowned blends like the Lemberg Cape blend and the premium Rhone-style blend, Lemberg Louis (a Syrah, Mourvèdre, and Grenache blend). Additionally, Lemberg Wine Estate produces premium single-variety wines with Grenache noir and Pinot noir, exemplifying the warmer climate and specific soil type, resulting in a spicily ethereal Pinot noir with rich cherry and raspberry notes.

While red varietals dominate the collection, Lemberg Wine Estate cultivates white varieties, namely Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, and Hárslevelü, adding an intriguing selection to their range. The whites are crafted in an oxidative style, undergo natural fermentation, and are aged in antique barrels. Lemberg Wine Estate holds the only mother block of Hárslevelü in South Africa, a privilege they cherish, originating from the Tokaj wine region of Hungary.

The commitment to working with nature is reflected in Lemberg Wine Estate’s green farming practices. The valley’s abundance of bird life, including Guinea Fowl, resident Owls, and Kites, aids in pest control. The estate avoids harmful pesticides, opting for Integrated Pest Management, and utilising beneficial insects like Ladybugs and Wasps to control aphids. Sustainable practices, such as cover crops, mulching, and hand weeding, minimize the use of herbicides. Each year, the estate successfully monitors chemical and wastewater management through the Integrated Production of Wine audit.

“I love sharing with people – everything from good wine and food to art and stories. I am grateful to be able to create something that I can share with people, that brings people together and adds joy to the moment. As a devoted (and sometimes mad) scientist my approach to winemaking is to control the uncontrollable with as much precision as possible.”


Henk du Bruyn and Suzette Jansen van ​Rensburg are driven by their unwavering ​commitment to perfection, patience, and ​passion in their pursuit of advancing their ​beloved project, Lemberg. This ethos is ​embodied by the collaborative energy of ​their team, which fuels the company’s ​success.

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Lemberg – The House of Spencer. It was with the production of our first Premium Pinotage that we were looking to distinguish between our then-well-known Lifestyle wines and Premium Wines. At the time the soft-hearted Spencer was the first English Bulldog on the farm and was it an easy decision for the first release – 2010 Spencer, and the rest followed through the years as we developed our portfolio: Lady (Hárslevelü and Viognier-blend), Nelson (Syrah), Louis (Rhone blend), Ella (Grenache noir) and Rose (Rosie’s Blanc de noir). These wines are not just wines; it is wines with great unique personalities! Although some of our beloved dogs or no longer with us, their memory and legacy are captured in each bottle, a testament to their enduring presence and significance in our winemaking tradition.

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